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St. Joseph 5 week series with Seminarian Peter Randolph

St. Joseph has been a somewhat hidden saint, yet he is the virginal father of Jesus, the husband of Mary, and the Protector of the Church. In him, we have a trustworthy father who will protect, love, and cherish us, but who is St. Joseph and how do we come to know him? I will be leading a five week series on St. Joseph, leading up to a consecration to him. We will meet every [Wednesday at 6 PM at Sacred Heart] [Thursday at 10 AM at St. Mary on the Lake] in the parish hall starting on [June 26] [June 27] and ending [July 24] [July 25]. Every meeting will include time for prayer, teaching, and discussion. The goal of this series is that we would all come to relate with St. Joseph as a father and love him more deeply. St. Joseph has been a beloved father to me in these past years, and I encourage you to come and discover more about this hidden saint.


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