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August 13, 2023

It has been a blessing to have all the people visiting our parishes the last few weeks. It turns out that many roads pass through Hudson! A few updates then on who has passed through.

A couple of weeks ago Fr. Mark Martin stayed for a few days and covered some Masses at Sacred Heart while I was gone on vacation. He was just returning from a summer spent in Washington, DC at the Catholic University of America working on a Canon Law degree. Fr. Mark is from North Adams so Hudson is a good landing spot from which he can also visit his family. He is currently serving at St. Gerard parish in Lansing. You will see him from time to time throughout the year when he comes down for his day off.

It was a blessing to have Fr. Garrett Braun, grandson of Carolyn Braun, here this past weekend to celebrate Mass at Sacred Heart. The 8:00am Mass was offered for his grandfather, Floyd, on the 15th anniversary of his passing. Fr. Garrett was baptized at Sacred Heart as a baby but his family lives in the Evansville Diocese in Indiana. He is currently serving as a parochial vicar at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Vincennes, and St. Philip Neri Parish in Bicknell. Fr. Garrett will begin a five-year term as an Air Force Chaplain starting next summer.

Newly professed Sr. Francis de Sales was home last week visiting her family. It was a blessing to hear her share the graces of her time in the community and what life has been like with the other Sisters. She accompanied us on our hike through Lost Nations to the Sile Doty cave. Getting into the cave requires an army crawl though a tight entrance. I was most impressed that Sr. Francis managed it with a very minimal impact on her habit! She will be moving to Our Lady of Guadalupe Priory in Georgetown, Texas for the next three years to work on her teaching degree.

One of our resident seminarians, Dominic, just took off to be with his family before school starts this fall. He will be entering his 4th year at St. John Vianney Seminary in Minnesota. This coming fall he has the opportunity for a semester abroad. He will spend the fall in Rome, which will be a great experience for him. We will pray for him as he promised to pray for us in all of the many Holy Sites he will be visiting.

Our parishioner, Ron Stacey, continues his path of formation in the Diaconate Program. On Tuesday, August 29th, at the 5:15pm Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Lansing, he will be instituted as a lector along with his classmates. You are welcome to come to this Mass as we celebrate this next step. As one who will be called to proclaim God’s word as a Deacon one day, this first step roots him more deeply in that role as a lector at Mass. His formation is ongoing in an intentional way now as a prelude to the Lord’s ongoing call. I remember well how we were told repeatedly—formation doesn’t stop with ordination! Yes indeed, with each of these steps we recognize more is called forth in us, not less! Please continue to pray for him as he continues his formation. May our walking with Ron also encourage us to take those ongoing steps in faith that each of us are called to.

Lastly, many thanks to those who have helped organize our joint Parish Picnic and the Youth Mass and Hike. Both events were great successes.

God Bless,

Fr. Todd

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