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April 14, 2024

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

I have been striving this Easter to really live Easter – a season where I cooperate with the graces that Jesus has poured out into my life.  A time to really live and build on the graces I received during Lent, so those virtues can really take hold. 


For many of us one of the aspects of our life that we try to work on is our prayer life – having one at all and then having it be consistent.  At times i can be daunting simply knowing where to start and/or what to do.  I want to offer this aid from Word on Fire (the apostolate of Bishop Robert Barron.  They have tons of good resources: ).  This particular resource is a 30-day prayer challenge.


“Do you want a better relationship with God along with more peace and clarity in your life?  A more fulfilling daily prayer routine is a great place to start.


Word on Fire wants to help you get the most out of your daily prayer life.  That’s why we created a 30-Day Prayer Challenge to better help you discover the many spiritual benefits of prayer.



Here are 6 benefits of prayer you can gain by joining the 30-Day Prayer Challenge:


• Prayer cultivates your relationship with God.

• Prayer brings peace.

• Prayer unites you with the Church across the world.

• Prayer can bring about healing—both spiritual and physical—so you can live more freely.

• Prayer helps you discern God’s will for your life.

• Prayer lifts up your petitions to God.


Sign up for the challenge and get your FREE book of daily prayers at pray.wordonfire.org 

Then, use the structured morning, evening, and night prayers every day for one month and see how your prayer life is transformed!”


Another resource I want to mention is on behalf of our upcoming high school graduates.  For those making plans to attend college, Newman Ministries helps connect students with Catholic groups on many different colleges and probably the college you are considering going to. 


It is a fact of life that what isn’t nurtured will die, and our relationship with God is no different.  It can be hard making connections on a campus to meet others that can support us in our faith.  Newman Ministry can help bridge that gap.  In college our faith can become the foundation on which we build our lives – it gives us direction, meaning, and purpose that the world simply can’t give.  Build this foundation and you will be grateful for your whole life!


God Bless,





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