Greeting from Fr. Todd Koenigsknecht!

Greetings in Christ! Thank you for Stopping by St. Mary on the Lake’s website.

We hope that that information we provide here makes it easier for you to come
celebrate with us and obtain any resources you may need.

At St. Mary on the Lake, our parish is a small but lively one! We strive to
make sure that we imitate our Blessed Mother’s “Yes!” to God in what we say
and do. We study our faith, pray together and try to provide as much
assistance as we can to those who need food, shelter or warm clothing.
Come join us! May the prayers and love of our Blessed Mother be your strength today.

 Mission Statement
As faithful members of the Roman Catholic Church, our Parish
Family is striving to live our discipleship through praying,
loving, healing and serving God’s people in what we say and do.