Mary’s Meeting #1 by Seamus

Mary’s Meeting #1 Ave Maria! I pray you are all well as we begin this beautiful month of July. With all that rain in June, I believe God will bless us with many sunny days these upcoming weeks. Enough with the weather, we’re on to how Seamus, the intern seminarian, got assigned to a weekly … [Read more…]

Fourteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time 7/4/2021

St. Mary on the Lake ParishFourteenth Sunday In Ordinary TimeSunday, July 4, 2021Part #1 #2 In today’s Gospel, the people of Nazareth simply cannot fathom how Jesus, who lived among them as a child, can be a prophet…or even something greater: the Son of God. 6:00 pm – The intention of The Judy Donaldson … [Read more…]

The Day Of Great Mercy!

Pray Every Friday! PRAYER*FASTING*ALMSGIVING The actual paper copy of this prayer card will be located at each entrance of the church.

Mr. & Mrs. Koenigsknecht celebrate 40 years!

Congratulations to Brian and Agnes Koenigsknecht on celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary! Brian and Agnes are Fr. Todd’s parents! Their kids sent them on a 4 day trip and then they came home to a 2 1/2 day party with their kids and grandkids! They had a private family Mass on their anniversary. The pic … [Read more…]