Important message from Fr. Todd!

I am sad to announce that Fr. Tomy has been reassigned from our parishes to be Pastor of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Snows in Milford, MI.  This has been an unusual transfer in that Fr. Tomy and I just found this out the past week.  Due to some visa issues with another priest who had been going to fill that pastorate Fr. Tomy is now needed to fill this position.  Fr. Tomy’s last weekend here will be July 24th-25th and he moves to his new parish on the 26th.  We will have a farewell party after the 9:30 Mass at St. Mary on the Lake and after the 11am Mass at Sacred Heart on the 25th

We will be receiving another priest from Fr. Tomy’s religious order, Fr. Abraham Ginu.  Fr. Ginu was one year behind Fr. Tomy in seminary.  He has spent the last 19 years serving in the Philippines as pastor and major superior for their community there.  Fr. Ginu will be moving in this coming week. 

We have been blessed to have Fr. Tomy with us these past five years.  He has been a great friend and support during my time here.  It is bittersweet to see him go but good to welcome another.  Like Fr. Tomy I look forward to the gifts Fr. Ginu will bring us.  When I asked Fr. Ginu said he does enjoy playing cards so I figure he will fit right in!