Mary’s Meeting #3

Ave Maria, brothers and sisters in the Lord! I hope your summer and golf game are going better than mine. Well, my summer is going great, but the golf game is awful. I like to say at least I am consistently terrible. How did you all finish up in our Annual Sacred Heart Golf Classic? I heard there was a tee off. That’s even more exciting than extra innings when the Tigers play. Three teams shot -15. Who won? Well, I guess you’ll have to ask Tim Stanley to find out the results. It’s time for the Mary update!

So, this week our Marian Consecration group was blessed to hear Greg and Heather Ingle share their testimony with us. Greg and I became good friends while at Detroit Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the
years 2018 and 2019. He discerned his call to marriage and met Heather. Heather hails all the way out west from Montana. We caught them at a perfect time as they plan to go visit Heather’s family the next 2
weeks. Before leaving, they wanted to share with us how Mary has helped them draw closer to Jesus. And this they did! It was the first hearing where we were able to listen to a husband and wife share their testimony together. Greg shared with us a grace he received while going through a Marian Consecration his 2nd time. While in prayer, he saw how Jesus’ words at the Cross, “Behold, your son” are so true. He knew that Jesus wanted Mary to lead him and guide him to a closer relationship with her Beloved Son. It
was a grace that he’ll never forget in which he holds close to his heart. I remember him telling me about it the first while still at Seminary. When we share our graces with others, at an appropriate time and place, it gives life to them. It is like air for the lungs. The personal graces we receive are meant to be shared with others. Sometimes, the Lord will even ask us to share them with others through words. Heather had a beautiful message as well. She admitted the difficulty in trying to talk about how Mary has
helped her so much. Well, I don’t think we noticed that because she spoke wonderfully. She taught us how humble and simple the
Blessed Virgin is. She asked us to keep our hearts open to making a Marian Consecration.

Well, what about St. Maximilian Kolbe? He was our guide for this week of Marian Consecration. His teachings can be summed up in 2
words: Unlimited Consecration. He desired the spiritual conquest of the entire world. He would settle for nothing else. He wanted the
whole world to be under the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. What was the most effective means? Total and unlimited Consecration to
the Immaculata. He wanted to an instrument in the hands of the Immaculata. I need the instrument of word count so I don’t go over 500
words in hoping that people will actually read this. Until next time!

In the Immaculata,

P.S Here is a link to an awesome video on the life of St. Maximilian.