Mary’s Meeting #4

Ave Maria! Well, we are losing an awesome priest to the Archdiocese of Detroit. It is going to be painful to see Father Tomy leave our little beloved Hudson and Manitou Beach! Well, let us always keep him in our hearts and pray for him as he begins this new chapter of his life. And at the same time, let us welcome Father Ginu! He has been serving in the Philippines for the last 19 years. We are looking forward to hearing his stories for sure. Brothers and sisters from Manitou Beach, I am sorry for my negligence in not keeping you updated on our Mary Meetings the first 3 weeks! Suzzanne kept warning me, but my little seminarian brain must have been too overwhelmed. Again, I am sincerely apologetic in unintentionally keeping you out of the loop. In an attempt to make reparation, I will attach the first three articles along with this. Not sure if that is bulletin possible, but we will try. Welcome to Mary’s Meetings!

               This past week we heard the testimony of Joshua Bauer! Yes, our beloved seminarian and dedicated cemetery maintenance dude did an excellent job. Truly, it was a gift for us to hear how Mary has helped him to come to know Jesus deeper. Two parts of his share I will share. First, he taught us how there is a real phenomenon known as the presence of Mary. Because God has individually and uniquely created each and every one of us, there is a special dignity that each person carries with them. Josh witnessed to us how this is especially true with Mary in regards to our spiritual life. She has a subtle, yet powerful way of making known to us that she is present. She is looking to bring us to Jesus and help us to fall deeper in love with him. Secondly, he taught us that Mary has a unique power to her presence. In a feminine and mysterious manner, she can gently and tenderly rebuke us when we are not giving to Jesus our all. She wants us to become saints, and this will require some real effort and purging. Josh, thank you again for bearing witness to the power of Marian Consecration.

               Finally, with only 120 words left to go (Sorry Manitou Beachers, I forgot to clue you in to our little inside joke. Tammy, the secretary and bookkeeper over here at Sacred Heart has limited me to 500 words or less. Little does she know how hard this is to do!), I would like to tell you two teachings from our Marian Saint of the week: St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She showed us that when we consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Virgin, we are then able to stay at the Foot of the Cross of Jesus. We slowly begin to learn how to suffer. Secondly, she teaches us the importance of the heart. It is in our hearts that we can hear Jesus say, “I thirst.” Ave Maria! (5 words over, sorry!)

In the Immaculata,