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My sisters in Christ,
Ahoy! My name is Deanna McCrate, I am the Regional Parish
Captain Coordinator for the Diocese of Lansing Catholic
Women’s Conference. I am AKA YOUR “Captain of
Having gone through one of the most emotional and chaotic
years in our lifetime, we desperately need to allow ourselves
and to help others be resuscitated by the Lord. We need Him
to desperately breathe fresh new life back into our weary
Please help our diocese to do that for all the women in your
lives and within your parishes by becoming a captain for this
year’s Michigan Women’s Conference, scheduled to be held
October 16, 2021. This is not time consuming nor does it
require any more talent than the Lord has already given you
and I will be here to help you along the way.
You are so valuable to the success of the conference and I
urge you on behalf of every woman in the diocese to
prayerfully consider advocating for this year’s conference.
Please join me in the Captain’s Lounge! You are truly needed
and as a gesture of gratitude, the diocese is giving a $10
discount towards your registration to the conference.
Please email (or text) me your first and last name, your phone
number, email address, parish and city asap if you are

Joyfully swabbing the decks,
Deanne McCrate
Call/Text me at 810-287-7272