Thirtieth Sunday In Ordinary Time Homilies 10/24/2021

Bartimaeus prays the perfect prayer in today’s Gospel, indeed the only prayer of any effectiveness. We all come to the Lord as beggars! Fr. Ginu’s Homily: Fr. Todd’s Homily:

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Homilies 9/5/2021

Fr. Todd’s Homily: Fr. Ginu’s Homily: In today’s Gospel, Jesus heals in a sacramental way. He uses touch, words, and even his own spit to bring about healing. It’s a good reminder of the power of the sacraments – form and matter used in service of God’s glory and our eternal benefit.

Twenty Second Sunday In Ordinary Time Homilies 8/29/2021

Fr. Todd’s Homily: Fr. Ginu’s Homily: Jesus does not condemn the Pharisees for obeying the Law of Moses, but for adding to it. In other passages, he calls them “whitewashed tombs,” meaning clean on the outside but full of corruption.

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily 8/8/2021

One can easily understand the crowd’s confusion and hesitancy. If Jesus can feed the world with his body, then he is more than a prophet – he is God! It boggles the mind to think that the Lord loves us this much.