St. Mary on the Lake Parish Manitou Beach Realign Resources for Mission Meeting 11/24/2020 at 7:00 pm

On Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 7 PM the Diocese of Lansing Realign Resources for Mission Committee will be at St. Mary on the Lake to meet with staff and parishioners in an effort to explain the reason, rationale and methodology of the Realign Resources for Mission process and, most importantly, to listen to parishioners response of the process and how it could, potentially, impact upon your parish positively or negatively. The meeting will take place in our parish hall and will be approximately 90 minutes long.  The meeting will consist of two components: First, a presentation on behalf of the Realign Resource for Mission Committee; Second, small group discussion followed by feedback from parishioners on your hopes and fears for the process; what you love or feel needs to be known about your parish; and any specific suggestions you may have for the future of your parish or the future of the diocese. All are most welcome.  For more information please visit:

WATCH: Father Mathias Thelen, Pastor of Saint Patrick Parish in Brighton, is the Chairman of Bishop Boyea’s Realign Resources for Mission Committee. In this Diocese of Lansing Podcast, Fr. Mathias sat down with diocesan Director of Communications, David Kerr, to outline the present vision of the Realign Resources for Mission process. He also explained why it’s so important for the lay faithful of the diocese to get involved in the conversation about how best to realign resources for mission.

WATCH:  Realigning Resources for Mission: An Invitation from Bishop Boyea