Realign Resources for Misson Meeting 4/28/2020 at St. Mary on the Lake 7:00 pm

Realign Resources for Mission Meeting: Starting Tuesday, April 21 through Thursday, May 21, the Diocese of Lansing Realign Resources for Mission Committee will be touring the diocese for a series of 71 local parish meetings in order to explain the rationale behind the process, the methodology of the process and, most importantly, to listen to parishioners as … [Read more…]

Lenten Night of Reflection

Lenten Night of Reflection ~ Sacred Heart ~ Wednesday, March 25 ~ 6:00 pm Come Let Us Adore Him and Experience His Healing Love. Lenten Holy Hour will include: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Confession, Prayer Time, Worship Music.


DIOCESAN SERVICES APPEAL 2020 Lent is a time for giving alms. The Diocesan Services Appeal officially kicked off  this weekend, March 7-8, when Fr. Todd will invite you to make your gift to DSA. Two-thirds of the operating budget of the Diocese of Lansing comes from the DSA. This year’s theme is “Happy the one who trusts in … [Read more…]

1st Sunday of Lent homilies

1st Sunday of Lent 03/01/20 Listen as Fr. Todd and Fr. Tomy prep us for our journey during this Lenten season! Fr. Todd: Fr. Tomy: FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT YEAR A. Lent is primarily the time of intense spiritual preparation for conquering our temptations, using the means Jesus used during his forty days of preparation … [Read more…]