Mass Explained by Fr. Todd Koenigsknecht 10 27 2019

On Sunday, October 27th, we experienced Mass explained. We celebrated Mass but as Fr. Todd went through each part, he took the time to explain the meaning of each step.

The Mass is something at the heart of our faith—a powerful weekly time where we come to encounter Jesus.  It is both a time to give and to receive.  We give something to God: our time, our hearts, and all that is in them.   Then having given, we receive grace from Him.  Something that is astounding is that at Mass we give God simple bread and wine that He takes and then gives back to us, but better and transformed: the very body and blood of His Son.  We are called to surrender all of ourselves and experience that same reality—giving of ourselves and then receiving something back, but better and transformed.  At times, our focus can be solely on what we are receiving, but that is a narrowed vision of what Mass is meant to be.

Because the size of the audio file, there are 3 audio files attached.