Fr. Tomy’s All Saints Day Homily 11 1 2019


Today we celebrate the memory of all the known and unknown saints who enjoy the blessedness of beholding the face of God and participate in His heavenly banquet. Today we join the spirits of the saints to rejoice in the presence of God and to sing His praises. This celebration therefore revives in us the desire for our sanctification and the hope of heaven where our holy brethren await us. They suffered hunger and thirst now they are satisfied. They labored and struggled now they enjoy eternal rest. They lived humbly now they are honored. We are celebrating their merits and their glory.

We thank God for giving ordinary men and women a share in His holiness and Heavenly glory as a reward for their Faith. This feast is observed to teach us to honor the saints, both by imitating their lives and by seeking their intercession for us before Christ, the only mediator between God and man (I Tm 2:5). The Church reminds us today that God’s call for holiness is universal, that all of us are called to live in His love and to make His love real in the lives of those around us. We grow in holiness when we live wholesome lives of integrity, truth, justice, charity, mercy, and compassion, sharing our blessings with others.

Saints are people who grew in God’s love and attained perfection. They prove that Jesus’s suffering and death has a meaning. They took the sermon on the mount to heart and followed the footsteps of Christ and jointed the company of the blessed ones in the glory of God. Today they are our benefactors. They pray for us, intercede for us and bring upon us God’s blessings. Through them our life becomes more meaningful, richer and worth living. They are the signs of the kingdom of God, the signs of God’s goodness and love. Through them the world becomes better, more human and more liable.

The saints did God’s will wholeheartedly, they loved God wholeheartedly. They also loved their fellow creatures as themselves. They put their trust in God and did his will and collected treasures for God’s kingdom. They were not disappointed in the face of troubles, rather they proved that it is possible to follow Christ and live his word in this life. Thus, they have become witnesses of Jesus and the signs of his kingdom for us today. They were people like anyone of us but they fought against the power of darkness, and led people to God. They are our helpers, examples, patrons, and path makers on our pilgrimage to eternity.

These people lived in this world just like us. They accepted every suffering, pain, or hardship as gifts from the Lord. They lived a life of humility, simplicity and deep faith in the Lord. They were ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Christ and faith in the Lord.

Today as we celebrate the feast, of all saints let us imbibe the spirit of these friends of God and follow their examples in our effort to join the company of the blessed. Let us imitate them to live a life of humility, simplicity and deep faith in the Lord. They kept aside pride, egoism, selfishness and evil from their lives. Let us also through the intercession these saints ask our Lord to strengthen our lives with humility, simplicity and deep faith in the Lord.