DSA 2019 This weekend the 2019 Diocesan Services Appeal COMMITMENT WEEKEND kicks off with the theme from the Second Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, 9:6: “Whoever sows bountifully will reap bountifully.” The Diocesan goal is $5,100,000. St. Mary on the Lake 2019 DSA goal is $12,683.00 The DSA accounts for two-thirds of the Diocese’s … [Read more…]

Vatican Summit on Clergy Sexual Abuse

VATICAN SUMMIT ON CLERGY SEXUAL ABUSE More than 200 Bishops from around the world met with Pope Francis in the Vatican from February 21 through 24 to discuss the ongoing scandals and cover-ups regarding clergy sexual abuse. It is my sincere hope that this gathering will lead to new procedures, protocols and guidelines to protect children, aid victims … [Read more…]

Lenten Small Groups

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING A SMALL GROUP DURING LENT?  Lent invites us to a time of prayer, reflection, and conversation. The small groups will include prayer, reflection, scripture, and group discussion. We will be using the book Lenten Longing…Seeing with God’s Eyes. This book contains six sessions corresponding to the six weeks of Lent. Days and times are:  … [Read more…]

Diocese of Lansing Scholarship Information

Diocese of Lansing Scholarship Info Visit the Diocese of Lansing website for scholarship information. https://dolcatholicschools.org/?fbclid=IwAR1giTYh6IcHbXdL4yfrqZ039hl8CqPq6AGN89VBahtljbkMpiJOicMSTPs#catholic-schools-tuition-assistance