Fr. Tomy’s All Saints Day Homily 11 1 2019

THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS Today we celebrate the memory of all the known and unknown saints who enjoy the blessedness of beholding the face of God and participate in His heavenly banquet. Today we join the spirits of the saints to rejoice in the presence of God and to sing His praises. This celebration … [Read more…]

Fr. Todd’s Homily 10 13 2019

The audio device was full. Fr. Todd’s homily did not get recorded last Sunday. 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Process of Healing This weekend we have two stories of healing- between Naaman and these ten lepers. We hear these stories and are reminded of the Lord’s love for us, his desire for our healing, … [Read more…]

Fr. Tomy’s Homily 10 13 2019

Fr. Tomy’s Homily 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 10/13/2019 The central theme of today’s readings is gratitude – in particular, the expression of gratitude God expects from us. Today’s Gospel story of ‘the forgetful lepers’ presents a God Who desires gratitude from us for the many blessings we receive from Him, and Who feels pain at … [Read more…]